Our Downsizing Journey.

To truly understand and appreciate our downsizing journey I think knowing where we started is a good thing to know. We were living in an old historic house when we decided to sell everything we own and I mean everything! We did not get a storage building to store anything. I have 3 small boxes in my mom’s attic with memory type items like pictures, old yearbooks, etc. That’s it. We sold all our furniture and TVs to move into a very small 25 ft RV that we purchased from a friend. Then after living there for almost a year we got a bigger RV because we were expecting our second son.

Our old home.
Selling everything.
Our current RV when we were moving in.
Chandler loves the new RV sink!
Our first RV.

Most people are pretty shocked when they see how small the first RV was an that we lived in it for almost a year. But it’s really all in what you get use to. People don’t understand why you would do something this drastic on PURPOSE! And I totally understand that. This is extreme downsizing but we had our motivations and reasons for choosing to do this.

1. Freedom.

I refuse to work our life away for STUFF. My husband and I both agree that stuff is not important to us and that we want to have freedom and time as a family to travel. People always say they can’t afford to travel. But often the real truth is you could if you chose to spend your money differently. We shared a car for 3 years and just recently got a second car. I’m not saying that to brag about our frugal ways, most people think we’re crazy anyway. I just am saying if you didn’t have that $500 car payment and got a cheaper reliable car or lived in a smaller house (not necessarily an RV) then you might find you have plenty of money to travel.

2. Saving money for our future dream.

We also own a sailboat and would like to travel the world on it. Yes, again we are use to people staring at us like we are lunatics. Nothing new here. Anyway, we want to save money to eventually live that dream. It will be many years down the road but to hold us over we plan to do some trips to the Bahamas. We have done a 2 week trip down the coast of Florida and loved it. Our next trip is the Bahamas. Hence the saving! We are not rich, we just prioritize a little different than most.

Our sailboat.

Our sailboat is a 1974 Cornado 45 ft. People think we have a lot of money because we have a 45ft boat. Again it’s a 1974, we have been refitting her for the past 3 years and this is actually an old picture of the boat, when we only had it about a year. (I will make a longer in detail post later on sailboat details.)

Chandler’s vberth room on the sailboat.

Everyone’s downsizing journey will not look the same. Not everyone will downsize this extreme and that’s okay. Live your dream and do what makes you happy. Start a minimalist life and I promise you will love the simple life. Don’t be afraid to be different. Hopefully being different will inspire others to live their dreams and I hope that’s what this blog does.

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