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Prayer Warrior Battle Plan Ebook

I just recently finished my first Ebook Prayer Warrior Battle Plan . If you are interested in growing your prayer life but don’t know how, this book is for you. This ebook is short and simple but full of great tips and information. It is backed by scripture and not only my personal opinions. What I like most about this book is the last chapter, which I used to give simple practical tips to incorporate in your life right away. 

You will learn from this book:

  • What prayer is and why it’s important.
  • When you should pray.
  • Understanding different types of prayer.
  • Tips for effective prayer.
  • Common misconceptions about prayer.
  • List of exercise to apply to your prayer life.

What are people saying about this Ebook:

“This book was very insightful. It gave clear suggestions on improving ones prayer life. I liked the way the author used Biblical references to support her reasoning of why prayer was so important in ones life. becoming closer to God should be everyone’s desire. This book is a guide to help you reach that goal through prayer. Very good and to the point read. I will recommend to friends.”

Amazon Customer Review

“This was a great e-book about prayer. I learned a lot and it was easy to understand. I loved it and would suggest it to anyone that would like to learn more about getting closer to God through prayer.”

Amazon Customer Review

Do you wish you had time to pray everyday? How can you improve your prayer life in manageable steps? I believe effective prayer life is easy to have once you learn a few basic ideas. I love discussing my experience with prayer along with scriptures to help others improve their prayer life. In this book you will find simple discussions of prayer from the Bible, followed by common misconceptions, and ending with practical ideas to apply to your prayer life each day. I am excited to share this easy read to help others think through their prayer life and how they can improve it. Please share these ideas with your family and friends and watch their prayer life grow as well.

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Prayer Warrior Battle Plan

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