DIY Essential Oil Recipes That Did & Didn’t Work

Essential Oil Recipes fails and successes

Don’ you just love how Pinterest has everything. If you want to look up a recipe for making natural beauty products or cleaning products, you will have no problem finding hundreds of pins. However, how do you know which ones are going to actually work and which ones will not? I have learned through trial […]

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DIY Essential Oil Recipe Tips and Tricks

DIY Essential Oils Tips & Tricks

So today my sister in law and I decided to make a lot of DIY Essential Oil products with our Young Living Essential Oils. We made deodorant, baby wipes, toothpaste, wrinkle cream, laundry soap, bars of soap, neosporan salve, shampoo, lotion bars, and shower bombs for decongestant. Whoa, that’s a lot and it was so […]

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Crunchy Mama Check List.

Are you a crunchy mama? What is a crunchy mama? Find out using this checklist

What is a crunchy mama? Are you a crunchy mama and don’t know it? There are many interchangeable terms people use to “label” this type of mom, granola, hippie, etc. A crunchy mama is pretty much a mama that enjoys a natural living lifestyle in some form. Possibly related to eating habits, self-care habits, parenting […]

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Natural Deodorant Review-Toms VS. Kiss My Face.

natural deodorant

 When first switching to natural deodorant I chose Tom’s. Not because of a particular reason but because it was one of the brands in our local organic store and the first one I had ever heard about. I  used this for about a month but wasn’t happy with the product. I still had a body […]

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