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Hello and welcome to Small Life Living, a blog about living a God-centered minimalist lifestyle. I am passionate about building my prayer life and sharing it with others and sharing natural living knowledge. I want to inspire others to live their dreams even if it may be a little different than others. It’s okay to live different and chase your dreams. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. I want to share with others our journey of living in an RV and part-time on our sailboat and other not so mainstream choices we have made for our family. All with keeping God and his plan in mind.

The Beginning of Small Life Living

Small Life Living came about when my husband, Jimbo and I decided to move into an RV full time, along with our then 1 year. We currently still live in an RV but now have 2 children. Chandler who is almost 3 and Sailor who is 6 months. We love our minimalist lifestyle and plan to continue to live small. We also own a sailboat that we plan to do a lot more traveling. We plan to go to the Bahamas for our first long trip, although we have done some small coastal trips already. We currently live in Georgia and keep our sailboat in Florida. We chose this lifestyle because we wanted to travel more and spend more time together. Living small allows us to save money and do more.

Future Plans

I am a Christian stay at home mother who enjoys natural living. I love essential oils, growing my relationship with God through prayer, traveling, and of course sailing. (If you would like to learn more about prayer please check out my Ebook Prayer Warrior Battle Plan.)  My husband and I have always loved doing unique things and I don’t think that will ever change.We plan to homeschool our boys when they become school age and hopefully one day full-time travel on our sailboat, although this will be way down the road. So be on the look out for our future YouTube channel!

We just bought some land and plan to build a tiny house this year! (2017) This will serve as a home base for us and we couldn’t be more excited. The house will be about 750 sq ft and we have many family and friends helping us build to cut down on cost. We also have some other ideas about our land that we will be sharing in the future. So stay tuned! Can’t wait for this new adventure and I hope you enjoy following along.

You can connect with me at tiffany@smalllifeliving.com or follow me on Pinterest or Facebook.

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