Living In A Travel Trailer: Minimalist Living, Maximum Results

Today is a guest post from Kelsey and Phil @ Minimalist Living Maximum Results. Here is their story and journey to minimalism. Bio: We are Kelsey and Phil. We work as travel PT’s and travel all around the USA with our two cats and our eco-friendly travel trailer in tow. We are always striving to […]

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Wrecking The Devil’s Plan: Spiritual Warfare

How to fight in spiritual warfare.

Spiritual Warfare In our daily life we are constantly confronted with sin. The enemy is always on the look out for opportunities to create havoc but we can be ready for his attacks. We know that life will have temptations and problems, so how can we “fight” affectively? The answer is PRAYER. However, it also […]

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How I Gained 550 Pinterest Followers in 1 Month

How to get Pinterest followers? The steps I used to gain 550 Pinterest Followers in 1 month

**This post may contain affiliate links. How I Gained 550 Pinterest Followers in 1 Month As I’m sure you have heard Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. For a little over a month now I have been focusing on growing my Pinterest and I have learned a lot through the […]

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Make Money AND Save Money With This Website

Ebates will help you monetize your blog and also save money when you shop online.

**This post contains referral links.** Make Money AND Save Money With This Website The one question on many blogger’s mind is “How can I make money?” This website is so awesome that not only can you monetize your blog with it but you can also make money even if you don’t have a blog! You […]

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