DIY Essential Oil Recipes That Did & Didn’t Work

Essential Oil Recipes fails and successes

Don’ you just love how Pinterest has everything. If you want to look up a recipe for making natural beauty products or cleaning products, you will have no problem finding hundreds of pins. However, how do you know which ones are going to actually work and which ones will not? I have learned through trial and error some DIY recipes that didn’t work. I hope this information will save you some time when choosing your pins to try. (results may vary based on individual use).

First I would just like to say how much I love essential oils and I have used them for many things. However I do believe certain recipes work better than others. I also think that everyone is different and may have different results based on skin type, hair type, or other variations. Keep this in mind each time you try  DIY essential oil recipes.

DIY Recipes that DIDN’T work:

1. Coconut Oil in DIY shampoo.

I would not recommend making shampoo with coconut oil. It stays in your hair after you wash it out and took me days to get the greasy look gone. Think about when you get coconut oil on your hands and try to just wash it off with water. Your hands still feel greasy, it’s the same thing with your hair. A better choice is to use organic coconut milk in the can. This way your hair doesn’t look oily. Also my sister in law had our hair fall out when using recipes with baking soda. I don’t know how common this may be but be mindful when trying to recipes.

*Coconut Oil works great for DIY lotions.

2. Wool Dryer Balls for dryer sheets.

My sister in law bought wool dryer balls and put a lot of drops of lavender on them. She said that her clothes did not smell like lavender and she did not see a difference in static, wrinkles, or softness in her clothes. She was disappointed that she wasted so much of her lavender oil. Her and I are always trying DIY recipes and share with each other what works and what doesn’t. This saves us a lot of time in trial and error.

3. Non- Lye Bars of Soap

We tried to make bars of soap without lye but were unable to get them to harden. Which is what lye helps with. We knew that working with lye was a bit dangerous and were trying to get around that. I would suggest getting the melt and pour soap when making soap to avoid this problem. This was a huge fail and we also wasted a lot of our essential oils, which are expensive. Don’t make our same mistake.


DIY Recipes that DID work:

1. Stopped up nose

Diffuse this blend each day for at least a few days to help relieve a stopped up nose.

3 drops of tea tree.

2 drops of RC.

3 drops of thieves.

2 drops of frankincense.

Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser

2. Itching and fever blister relief

Peppermint works wonders if you have a itch on your skin from bug bites or other rashes. It also works well for relief from fever blisters. I sometimes use oils directly without diluting but I would recommend to anyone trying oils to ALWAYS dilute and try the oil on a small part of your skin first before applying it all over. Everyone’s skin is different and can be more or less sensitive. The best way is to make a roller bottle with peppermint oil and diluted with an oil carrier. Here are some inexpensive roller bottles that I love to use. It’s important that the roller bottles are cobalt or amber to keep the light from breaking down the properties of the oils.

3. DIY Natural Deodorant.

We used a recipe from Six Figures Under that worked well. I normally use Kiss My Face natural deodorant but I knew I could make something at home for cheaper. I used Tom’s before also but it did not work for me and I smelled like body odor. NOT cool. This homemade deodorant has worked great for me. This was my favorite DIY recipe I have done so far. It was fun and easy to make and now I plan to make some for family and friends to spread the knowledge of aluminum in deodorants causing cancer.

What are some of you favorite recipes? Have you had any fails? If you have any tips on making DIY recipes please share them with me at





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    1. Yes I don’t get it either. Coconut oil is great for lotion but I could never get it to work well in my hair without looking grease lol

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