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How to find and join Pinterest Group Boards and a list of boards to join

How To Find Pinterest Group Boards And How To Join Them.

(Plus 5 Awesome Group Boards to Join now)


Pinterest can be a great way to get traffic to your website, but what is the best way to get your pins in front of more people? Group Boards! Just this past week I have gained over 100 followers by joining group boards. What is so great about group boards you ask. Well everyone on the board contributes their pins along with other pins, don’t just pin your own, then your pins not only are shown to your followers but also their followers! Can you say amazing! More people that see your pins means more chances for repins and more exposure. Obviously you would like to be on boards with other people in your niche, boards that are relevant to what you write about. However you can also join boards that are for blogging in general. I will show you examples after we discuss how to find group boards.

There are several ways to find group boards. Let’s discuss the ways to find boards and how to join them. Then I will share with you several great group boards to join for any blogger.

Ways to find group boards in your niche.

1. Pingroupie

There is more than one way to find group boards to join in your niche. The most common that people suggest is This is how I first found group boards to join and I love this site. You can search categories and when the results pop up it will tell you the name of the board, who created the board, how many followers it has, how many contributors the board has, how many repins the board gets, and how many likes it gets.

This is very useful information. The person who created the board is the one you will have to email to ask for an invite to join. Make sure you include your email that is linked with your Pinterest or your Pinterest url so it is easy for them to add you. Check out the board first and make sure it’s a good fit for you. Also in the description of the board it will tell you how to join. Most people want you to follow that board and follow them personally and then email them. Others want you to join a Facebook group and then email them. Why wouldn’t you want to when they are helping you out by getting in front of more people? Also the Facebook groups are usually a great way to get to know others and maybe find people who blog to collaborate with.

2. Stalking.

I’m kidding of course, but you can also find group boards by scoping out other peoples Pinterest page in your niche. All group boards are not listed on PinGroupie so I wouldn’t rely on that resource only, although I think it’s a great place to start. Find your favorite few bloggers in your niche on Pinterest and look through their boards. Find the group boards they are in and try to get added to them. Most likely they will be in many group boards.

An important note to add is make sure you follow each group board rules. Some will only allow 1 pin per day and some have no limit. It is up to the creator. Also make sure you are pinning other peoples content as well and not just your own. It’s nice to help others get their pins out there too and plus it is just proper Pinterest etiquette.

Here is a list of group boards I am personally in:

  1. Bloggers Time Group Board. ( 10.4k Pins, 1.6k Followers, 119 Contributors) as of this post.

2. Top Blogs- Pinterest Viral Board ( 534.0k Pins, 42.2k Followers, 4603 Contributors) as of this post.

3. Promote Your Blog ( 3.2k Pins, 1.4k Followers, 174 Contributors) as of this post.

4. Lifestyle Blog Board ( 3.7k Pins, 1.1k Followers, 132 Contributors) as of this post.

5. Mom Blogs To Follow (6.8k Pins, 7.1k Followers, 76 Contributors) as of this post.

Bonus: is a great place to find many group boards to join. Saira has a great community and helps you get connected. She also has a great Facebook page you can join. You get access to these just by signing up at her website. It is super easy and for sure worth it. She has 20+ Pinterest boards you can be added to, you just pick the ones you want. It’s that simple. She also has great information on her blog to help you on your blogging journey.

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Do you have any tips for finding group boards? Have a group board and want more contributors? Drop a comment and share them with us.

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