7 Things I Think All Minimalist Need

This is a list of items minimalist can benefit from and why we use them.

**This post contains affiliate links** Even though I am a minimalist there are a few things I think are beneficial for this lifestyle choice. I am sure people’s opinions are different but after almost 3 years of living a minimalist life these are a few things that I think are useful. Simplified wardrobe. Courtney Carver’s […]

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5 Tips For Christian Homeschooling Mamas

Tips for Christian Homeschool Mamas

Today is a guest post from Meghan. Meghan is a Missionary serving in Ghana, West Africa. She is mother of two through adoption and cofounder/exectutive director of Family First – Ghana. You can find her writing on her blog Lemons, Limes and Laughter <http://lemonslimesandlaughter.com> or posting photos on instagram @meglidds <http://www.instagram.com/meglidds> 5 tips for Christian […]

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Lose 20 lbs in 2 months. (How We Did It)

How to lose 20 pounds in 2 months. Download of foods to eat included

Trying to lose weight can be so overwhelming. There are so many “diets” out there and resources that it’s hard to find the right one for you. My husband and I had been needing to lose weight for a few years now. We each had gain about 50 pounds in the 7 years we have […]

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Choosing To Be Happy (Freedom From What Weighs You Down)

How To Be Happy

Do you know what makes you happy? What are you doing when time and space seem to disappear? This is your passion! Being happy is a choice. There is no happy person with no problems or setbacks. There are only people with problems and setbacks choosing to be happy. You will always have problems in […]

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DIY Essential Oil Recipes That Did & Didn’t Work

Essential Oil Recipes fails and successes

Don’ you just love how Pinterest has everything. If you want to look up a recipe for making natural beauty products or cleaning products, you will have no problem finding hundreds of pins. However, how do you know which ones are going to actually work and which ones will not? I have learned through trial […]

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Pinterest Group Boards

How to find and join Pinterest Group Boards and a list of boards to join

How To Find Pinterest Group Boards And How To Join Them. (Plus 5 Awesome Group Boards to Join now)   Pinterest can be a great way to get traffic to your website, but what is the best way to get your pins in front of more people? Group Boards! Just this past week I have gained […]

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What It Takes To Be A Minimalist

Being minimalist

Today I was over on my friend Evelyn’s blog at smallishblog.com reading her recent post Why It Takes Courage To Live Intentionally Small and it made me think to write this post. What does it take to live small? How do you know if it’s for you and can you adapt to the challenges of […]

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