Want Your Dream Job? Then Try This!

How to find your dream job

I find it interesting how people approach “work”. It seems that people feel a job is something that you are suppose to hate and “get through” to make money and a hobby or something you enjoy is allowed to be fun. Why can’t your hobby be your job? Why can’t you enjoy what you do […]

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Improve Your Prayer Life. Here’s How.

How to improve your prayer life

I am very passionate about prayer and I love to talk about it with others. I think it is so important in our relationship with God because obviously this is the way we communicate with him. Praying is so fun and easy once you learn a few ideas. In the Bible it talks about Jesus […]

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Are There Downsides to RV Living?

Living in an RV downsides

There are a few things I use to take for granted when living in a “normal” house. Now that we have been living in an RV for almost 2 years I can clearly tell what these things are. I would like to share them with you. Everyone is different and these things may not bother […]

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Why You Should Become a Minimalist

Reasons to become a minimalist

Do you feel like everyday is rushed and you have no time for the things you enjoy? Would you like to slow down and do more of what you love? I believe becoming a minimalist is a great start to reaching these goals. Here’s why I think you should downsize too. Having less stuff means […]

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