How To Get A Picky Toddler To Eat Veggies

How to get a toddler to eat veggies

Do you struggle with getting your picky toddler to eat vegetables? I can’t be the only one that is always on the search for sneaky ways to include veggies in my sons meals! I have tried many different tricks but this one is really fun and yummy. He actually thinks it’s a milkshake. Believe it or not it has carrots, spinach, along with fruits and more in it. This is such a fast and easy recipe and only has a few ingredients.

Healthy Toddler Treat

Ingredients: (makes enough for 4 servings)

2 carrots

1 sandwich bag full of spinach

2 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 frozen banana

5 frozen strawberries

1 cup of water

I cut up strawberries and bananas and freeze them in ziplocs in the freezer. I just feel like it’s healthier than using frozen fruits from the store. It’s best for them to be frozen because it makes the final product cold without adding ice.

Strawberries and Bananas for toddler healthy treat

Put all ingredients into the blender. We have a ninja and it works really well. Blend it for longer than needed so that it will be more “fluffy”, it puts more air through out and makes it the consistency of a milkshake. It doesn’t sound like it would taste very good but I promise you will be pleasantly surprised once you try it. The sweet from the banana and protein powder makes it so good.

We also sometime freeze the drink and eat it later if we have left over. It will be more like a slushy but it shouldn’t freeze hard. This is a great treat for summer time that is healthy and cold. I hope your picky toddler enjoys their new treat.

Do you have any sneaky ways to add veggies to your kids meals? Please share them in the comments below.


On our journey to healthy eating we found another great trick to get our son to eat veggies and it is so simple. Zoodle Spaghetti! We purchased a spiralizer and it has been amazing and the best part is they are cheap! We bought ours at Walmart but here is the same spiralizer online. We usually use zucchini but sometime we use yellow squash for our noodles. Here is the recipe:


Lean turkey meat

Organic Pasta sauce (we use Walmart brand Organic Parmesean sauce)

Zucchini or yellow squash

Here is a picture of when I once used sweet potato. When making the noodles, cook more than you think because it will cook down.

sweet potato noodles made with a veggie spiralizer.
Sweet potato noodles

I just make the spirals and put some water in a pan with some garlic salt and cook until tender. While the veggies are cooking I cook the turkey meat and then just poor the pasta sauce on and cook a few more minutes. THAT’S IT! I would add mushrooms and things for my husband and I but I don’t want to push my luck just yet! I am just thrilled my 2 year old is eating zucchini and squash and LOVES it.

If you try this with your toddler and they love it let me know in the comments below or share a recipe that you use with your child.

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