DIY Essential Oil Recipe Tips and Tricks

DIY Essential Oils Tips & Tricks

So today my sister in law and I decided to make a lot of DIY Essential Oil products with our Young Living Essential Oils. We made deodorant, baby wipes, toothpaste, wrinkle cream, laundry soap, bars of soap, neosporan salve, shampoo, lotion bars, and shower bombs for decongestant. Whoa, that’s a lot and it was so fun to make. Sharing all of these in this post will obviously be too long however I thought I would share a few tips, tricks, and items we used to make these DIY products easier.

You can use any recipes you would like but these are some tips to make the process easier or faster.

1. Tips and Tricks for making Deodorant.

Some people make natural deodorant and store it in small glass jars and apply it with their fingers. Of course this is a fine way to do it but a better way is to purchase these deodorant sticks so that you don’t have to get your hands all messy. These are inexpensive and you can reuse them again. I used a recipe from Six Figures Under that I like.


Store your deodorant in the fridge to keep it’s harden consistency. You don’t have to do this but your deodorant can become very “loose” and messy if it gets too warm.

2. Tips and Tricks for Making Baby Wipes.

Store your baby wipes in an actual baby wipe container. You can reuse one you have at home or buy one online that’s already empty. I tried to store mine in a gallon size ziploc. This didn’t work well if I was trying to get a wipe one handed. And let’s be honest YOU’RE ALWAYS TRYING TO GET A WIPE ONE HANDED! Here is a wipe container that is cute and BPA free.



3. Tips and Tricks for Laundry Soap

We had better luck with DIY recipes that did not use Borax. When we made recipes without Borax we were able to get all the ingredients to dissolve and mix better. There is debates about Borax not being a good natural ingredient. It is found in nature but is toxic to our bodies. Borax is used as a pesticide. Totally up to you if you want to use it or not. Just read up on your ingredients to make sure it’s the best choice for your family.

Use warm water NOT cold when making your laundry soap because this helps dissolve all your ingredients. It’s not the end of the world if you forget but it will mix better and quicker.

4. Tips and Tricks for Bars of Soap.

If you are making soap with lye be careful because it is harmful for you until mixed as soap. A better explanation can be found here. You can purchase melt and pour soap so that you don’t have to handle the lye yourself. We tried to make a non-lye soap but it didn’t harden, which is why you need lye. We will try some more experimenting and let you know how it goes. If you have experience with soap making please comment and share below.

Also when you pour your molds make sure you have them on a cookie sheet pan so that you can easily move them around. It’s hard to move them and they will spill and make a mess if you don’t.

These are some soap molds that I got online if you want something a little cuter than plain rectangle bars of soap. They look like small molds but they aren’t. They are the size of a normal bar of soap.


5. Tips and Tricks for Shower Bombs.

The directions for our shower bombs just said to let them sit out in the mold once you pour them. However ours were taking a long time and seemed to be too “soupy” so we decided to put them in the oven on low to get out some of the moisture. This worked well for us but make sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t stay in too long. Shower bombs are super easy we got our recipe at One Essential Community.


When using beeswax for a recipe get the small pellets of beeswax because it will melt faster and easier.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will save you time and mistakes. Each time I do a new DIY essential oils recipe I learn something new and through trial and error learn what works best.

Do you have any tips and tricks to share or maybe a recipe you love? Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.



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