5 Intentional Steps To Simple Living

Intentional Steps to simple living

Our desire for our family for a long time has been to live a slow pace life. We want simplicity. This is part of the reason we chose a minimalist lifestyle. Decluttering our life has been a series of steps and ever-changing. It’s not a destination but a journey. I’m not sure we will ever “arrive” because life is always changing. The funny thing about our journey to a simple life is I thought once we got rid of a lot of material items and moved into an RV, everything would just slow down. This is definitely not the case, to slow down you have to be intentional with your time and to-do list. Honestly this is very challenging. You may be surprised how hard it is to slow down without a plan. Here are a few steps that will help you on your journey to simple living.

1. Limit your obligations/learn to say no.

Guarding your time is an important part of a slow pace life. How can you slow down if you have a long list of items you have agreed to? Pick a few and shed the excess. That is what simple living is about.

2. Manage your time.

Once you have limited what you have to get done, you have to plan your time well. Having a flexible schedule makes sure you accomplish important tasks but still have plenty of down time to live in the now.

3. Live in the now.

The only thing we have is now. The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet. It is silly to waste time in the past because you can’t change it. All you can do is be better now. It’s silly to have anxiety about the future because you don’t know what the future holds. Worry just detracts you from the now. You can’t enjoy this moment if you are constantly worried about the past or future.

4. Spend time in nature.

Removing yourself from technology, the hustle and bustle of city life, the crowds, and the noise, will help you become more focused. Being in nature brings peace and calmness to your mood. Sitting quietly and listening to nature will relax you and bring you to that present moment.

5. Be selective in who you spend time with.

Some people speak a lot of negative and this will affect your mood. If you are wanting a simple life, limiting time with people who drain your energy will benefit your overall life.

As I said before, creating a slow pace life takes intention and planning. Some things will happen that will make your life chaotic but you can get back on track. Don’t give up on a intentionally simple life.

Do you have any tips for simple living? Please share your tips and experiences.


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3 thoughts on “5 Intentional Steps To Simple Living

    1. Yes that true. I use to feel so guilty for saying no because I wanted to please everyone but I have learned that it’s okay to say no sometimes. You can’t do everything all the time.

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