30 Day Vegetarian Challenge (with interview)

How hard is it to be a vegetarian? Plus an interview with a vegetarian of 10 years

I will start by saying I am currently not a vegetarian. I have been interested in switching to a vegetarian diet for about a year now. My curiosity began after watching several documentaries on NetFlix and becoming more informed about meat and how it affects our bodies and environment. If you haven’t seen any and are interested, check out Vegecated (actually about becoming Vegan but a lot of the same principles). Also Food Inc. or Forks Over Knives are great documentaries about meat and plant based diets. To learn more about vegetarians I interviewed a friend over at TeriyakiPudding.com about her vegetarian diet and background.

1. How long have you been a vegetarian?

“10 years this St. Patrick’s Day.” (2017)

2. What made you start thinking of becoming a vegetarian?

“I was already super animal friendly, and my friends bet I couldn’t do it for a week. Well, I did. I just kept going!”

3. Do you feel it’s hard eating out?

“At first yes. I have learned how and where to eat now.”

4. What are some of your favorite meals?

“My all time favorite is beans, eggs, and tortillas. Simple and delicious. I also like ethnic foods. Indian, Korean and Thai are all very vegetarian friendly and amazing.

5. How do you get your protein?

“I eat lots of beans, almost daily, quinoa, eggs, and vegetables with high amount of protein. I should eat more nuts but I usually forget I have them and I avoid soy as much as possible for health reasons.”

6. Have you considered going vegan? Why or why not?

“Yes. I actually have been vegan for a short amount of time after the birth of my son. He had acid reflux so I removed dairy from my diet for a while. It was hard. I love ranch on my salads!”

7. Do you use organic produce?

“As much as possible.”

8. Do you feel it’s cheaper or more expensive to be vegetarian?

“It’s definitely cheaper. My husband eats meat. It’s far more expensive than buying vegetarian protein products.”

9. Do you cook meat for your family or are they also vegetarian?

“My 7 year old daughter decided to be vegetarian when she was 5 years old. It’s just us, but my husband eats a lot of vegetarian meals with us.”

10. What is a common misconception about vegetarianism?

“People seem to think of vegetarians as judgmental and pushy. I’ve never forced my lifestyle on anyone so it’s annoying when people think that way. Also, when people find out I’m vegetarian they either apologize for eating meat in front of me or they offer it to me as a joke every time we eat together.”

11. What question do you get asked most?

“Do you miss meat? The answer is no I don’t.”

Hopefully this interview helped you with any questions you had. If there is more you would like to know please ask or head over to teriyakipudding.com and I’m sure Jenny would love to chat more with you.

Would you consider doing a 30 day vegetarian challenge? If so comment below and lets discuss ideas and encourage each other. If you decide to watch one of the documentaries mentioned please send me a message and tell me what you thought.







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