Crunchy Mama Check List.

Are you a crunchy mama? What is a crunchy mama? Find out using this checklist

What is a crunchy mama?

Are you a crunchy mama and don’t know it? There are many interchangeable terms people use to “label” this type of mom, granola, hippie, etc. A crunchy mama is pretty much a mama that enjoys a natural living lifestyle in some form. Possibly related to eating habits, self-care habits, parenting habits and other areas of their lives. Some may be extreme, while yet others are just testing the waters and maybe only do one or two things that is considered crunchy. Let’s take a look at some habits that may “label” you a crunchy mama!

1. You co-sleep with your children.

Every mom has their own ideas about co-sleeping. However many crunchy mamas love to co-sleep and find it a more natural sleeping arrangement. It is also useful if you are EBF.

2. EBF (exclusively breast fed)

Most crunchy mamas use EBF and think everyone knows what this means. Many crunchy mamas breast feed past what is considered “normal” in our society. (Obviously some mamas cannot breast feed for whatever reason, no shame in that! Fed is BEST!)

3. You like to “wear” your babies.

I currently use a Moby Wrap with my infant son. It’s perfect for now while he is small. I will get another carrier as he gets bigger. Although I will still use the Moby. This has been becoming more popular I think because when I’m out I have noticed more moms doing this.

4. You make your own natural beauty products or cleaning products.

I really enjoy making homemade items for my family because it cuts down on the bad chemicals my family is being exposed too. It’s also just really fun to me and I enjoy it. Some people will think this is weird or that it takes a lot of time but it actually doesn’t.

5. You love essential oils and often use them instead of medicines. 

Going along with making your own products, many crunchy mamas love to use natural alternatives such as essential oils for medicinal use. Sometimes crunchy mamas may use herbs or other natural remedies.

6. You choose not to vaccinate your children or yourself.

I actually do vaccinate my children but many crunchy mamas do not. Before choosing which is right for you I suggest doing your own research and making the decision you feel is best for your family.

7. You have many himalayan salt lamps throughout your home.

We have 2 himalayan salt lamps in our RV and we love them. A himalayan salt lamp is good for many things such as helping reduce allergies, help with anxiety, and purify the air in your home. HSLs help with the over production of positive ions in our atmosphere from all our technology. The HSLs produce some negative ions to help balance this out. (More on HSLs in a future post if you’re interested.) Spending time in nature is the best way to get exposure to negative ions.

8.You know what earthing is and believe it’s beneficial.

Earthing is based on the earth’s energy and how we connect to the earth. For example taking your shoes off and having contact with the dirt creates an energy between you and the earth and makes you feel more balanced. Have you ever went out in nature and laid in the grass and just felt so relaxed and peaceful? This is the basic concept.

9. You recycle and or have a compost pile.

Many crunchy mamas have habits that are related to helping the environment. Crunchy mamas care about environmental problems and try to help lessen their effect on mother earth.

10. You have a chicken and or a small garden but you’re not a farm. 

Many crunchy mamas like to do homesteading and become self-sufficient. They may produce the food for their families and could also possibly live off grid.

I could name a ton more examples such as homeschooling, cloth diapering, and so on, but these are just a few. Being a crunchy mama doesn’t mean you do all of these things or that their are rules to what you do and don’t do. Crunchy mamas come in all different shapes and have their own individual stories to tell.

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