Natural Deodorant Review-Toms VS. Kiss My Face.

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 When first switching to natural deodorant I chose Tom’s. Not because of a particular reason but because it was one of the brands in our local organic store and the first one I had ever heard about. I  used this for about a month but wasn’t happy with the product. I still had a body odor smell and I was hoping my body would “adjust” but it never did. So I went back to the organic store and bought Kiss My Face and am very pleased with this product. No body odor anymore! Let’s compare these two products.

1. Performance.

As mentioned Tom’s did not work for me or my sister in law. This is not to say it wouldn’t work for some people. Everyone’s body is different. In fact I know people who don’t have to wear deodorant and they don’t stink! Wish that was me.

2. Both are aluminum free.

The main reason others and myself move to natural deodorant is because it’s aluminum free. Aluminum is highly linked to breast cancer. Your lymph nodes  are located under your armpits which just so happens to be the greatest system for transporting cancer through your body! PLEASE DON’T USE DEODORANT WITH ALUMINUM! It is not good for your body.

3. Price.

Yes, natural products often times are more expensive. Kiss My Face is cheaper online than Tom’s . It is often cheaper to buy Tom’s or Kiss My Face online but I like to support our local Organic store. We live in a small town and I really want our Organic store to stay around. Although I do buy things online to save money too. It really depends on what I am buying and how much it will save me. As far as cost goes just think about the cost of cancer and I think it”s safe to say paying a little more for deodorant is cheaper!

Making your own natural deodorant.

I am an essential oil lover. I use Young Living Essential Oils. So I am about to make some homemade deodorant because it is much cheaper and because I want to give some to family and friends to try. I am hoping this will show them that natural deodorant does work if you find the one that is best for you. Hopefully I can convince them to switch so that they are not exposing themselves to toxic metals. A post about making homemade natural deodorant will be up soon, so check it out if you’re interested.

Do you have a brand of natural deodorant that you like? Do you make your own? If so share your recipe in the comments below. I love trying new DIY recipes.


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3 thoughts on “Natural Deodorant Review-Toms VS. Kiss My Face.

    1. Yes you will like it. I’m not sure if Walmart has it but I got mine at the Organic store. It’s cheaper online though of course.

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