Improve Your Prayer Life. Here’s How.

How to improve your prayer life

I am very passionate about prayer and I love to talk about it with others. I think it is so important in our relationship with God because obviously this is the way we communicate with him. Praying is so fun and easy once you learn a few ideas. In the Bible it talks about Jesus praying to his Father. If Jesus prayed, then we know it’s powerful and important for us to do too! Here are a few tips for effective prayer.


1. Listen. Really listen.

When you pray make sure you stop and listen. Give God the chance to speak to you. Don’t just rush through and go on with your day. Remember that praying should be a conversation with God and not just a list of requests from you.

2. Don’t just make requests. There are other types of prayers.

Supplication is the type of prayer most are familiar with. This is our requests and worries we bring to God. There is nothing wrong with this type of praying. We should bring our worries and concerns to Him first. However, this is only one type of prayer. We should also be doing intercessory prayers, prayers on behalf of other people, especially outside our own immediate family. When praying it is also important to praise God and give prayers of thanksgiving. It would be terrible to ask God for things while never thanking Him for the blessings he has already given us.

3. Talk to God all throughout your day.

It may seem that we are too busy to pray but that’s really not true. Praying can be done at anytime and anywhere. I do like to pray in private and quiet at my home. However, I also pray through the day. For instance, when I’m in line at the bank or in the shower or driving in my car. We can always make time for God if we prioritize it in our lives.

4. Start a prayer journal.

Keeping a prayer journal is a great way to look back at things you have prayed for and write when your prayers have been answered. It also is a great reminder for people you want to prayer for in your life.

5. The most important is to have faith in God.

When you pray have faith that God will answer your prayers. Remember that He is in full control and He only wants good for you. Even when you do not understand, trust in Him, and He will not let you down.

For more information on prayer and how to have an effective prayer life check out my Ebook Prayer Warrior Battle Plan. It’s a short read and to the point but gives scriptures and some of my personal experience with prayer. 

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