Are There Downsides to RV Living?

Living in an RV downsides

There are a few things I use to take for granted when living in a “normal” house. Now that we have been living in an RV for almost 2 years I can clearly tell what these things are. I would like to share them with you. Everyone is different and these things may not bother you. Let’s check out the list and see how you feel about each to determine if RV living is for you.

1.The basically endless hot water we had at our old house. 

Our RV and sailboat both have a 6 gallon water heater! If you are wondering how that relates to a regular house most house have 50 or 60 gallon hot water heaters. To say this was an adjustment is an understatement. However, we have been doing it so long now it no longer bothers us.

2. Taking a bath.

In the first RV we lived in for about a year it did have a bathtub. However, it was too small for an adult to fit in comfortably. The RV we currently live in is bigger because we now have 2 children instead of 1. This RV does not have a bath. I really do miss taking a bath but I usually take showers anyways so it’s not that big of a deal. You can of course get an RV with a bathtub if this is important to you. (We bathe the kids in our kitchen sink, which is very big.)

3. Buying in bulk to save money.

In our old house I liked to buy things like toilet paper in bulk to save money. This means less trips to the grocery store. It sometimes can be a pain to have to go to the store more often but again we are use to it now. This also goes for the refrigerator, it is smaller than the average house fridge and we can’t store as much inside which also makes it hard to buy a lot. However, we do have a very large pantry in our RV so that’s the upside.

4. Internet access & RV living.

We now have an antenna that gets us great internet. We do not have cable but we do have Netflix and we watch YouTube on our smart tv. Internet access can become a problem when traveling though, so if you will be moving a lot this is something to consider.

5. Taking out the trash.

It’s much further to the dumpster at our RV park. However, we just purchased land so this will no longer be as big of an issue. It mostly just stinks when it’s raining and you really want to take out the trash because of the babies stinky diaper!

6. Laundry.

We also have to go a pretty good distance to the laundry room at our RV park. We don’t mind the walk but with 2 small kids it can be a pain. And again when it rains it’s hard to get your laundry done and sometimes you have to wait because others are doing their laundry. This won’t be a problem once we move to our land.

All of these things are truly not hard to get use to. In fact I am a firm believe that you can get use to anything if you really want to and it doesn’t seem like an inconvenience for long.

Do you live in an RV and face other inconveniences? Do you think RV living may be for you and have questions? Please leave a comment. I would love to chat.  


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